Tranquility within a screen.
Website Design
What we believe in

Simplicity. A website should be kept simple for the user. No bandwidth-exausting objects that take too long to load on low-speed lines. The navigation should be easy to understand for new users. And of course, a nice layout with a colorscheme that matches the purpose. We achieve this by discussing with our clients what they want out of the site, it is always the client who decides!

How we do it
We try to minimize all use of code running on the clients computer, such as java or javascript. (Well this switching image here on the right side uses a small javascript.) All development is done using, HTML, PERL, PHP, MYSQL. We do not use any "pre-fabricated" templates. This ensures that the website is unique. Any photographics needed could be done by us, and the images could then be processed to fit special needs.