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Thomas Sundblom
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This site is dedicated to my mother Mary and to the memory of my father Lars.
Birthdays of today.
Maria Kristina JOHANSDOTTER - 1802
Karl Edvin SUNDBLOM - 1841
Eric Emanuel SUNDBLOM - 1847
Ida Matilda SJÖBLOM - 1854
Anna Safira KARLSDOTTER - 1868
Anna Serafia NYLUND - 1870
Johan Alfred SUNDBLOM - 1896
Karl Sven Daniel HENRIKSSON - 1905
Welcome to Sundblom Genealogy
Important GDPR, The new regulation on personal data in Europe. We have made some important changes in hope that we are OK with the new rules. That means that no details about living persons are shown at all.
Please let us know if we have failed so we can change.
Thanks for understanding.
This site is created for all persons namned Sundblom around our globe.
It does also contain other families related to the Sundbloms. The focus is on families from Föglö, a part of the Åland Isles.

Info in Swedish: Dessa sidor är till stor del på engelska för att personer runt om i världen skall kunna ta del av dom.
Important: Please read about the different familytrees you will find here. It will make your search easier. More
Föglö Church
Föglö Church (Photo: Thomas Sundblom)
 Latest News
Updating the genealogy pages
Finally. After a long period the pages has been slightly updated. During the alst week i have gone through a lot of material that has been lying around.
Sommarström i USA
While going through som data for the Sommarström family i found som interesting information on Internet.
Updating again and no guestbook
After a long period of work, it's been time take a look at the genealogy pages again.
 More News
Updating the genealogy pages
Sommarström i USA
Updating again and no guestbook
Have a Santa and a Smile
More additions.
One root is from Dalarna!
Sundblom in Dalarna. A new branch?
Back in business
Added more persons from Åbo and Australia
Finally, a news section
Sundblom meetings
Special meetings for Sundblom's and other Föglö families.
Stockholm. 9 oct 2006
Vikingaborg, Föglö. 7 aug 2004
Sundblom roots
I've found a couple of different Sundblom families. Some of them have clear roots from Åland and some from Finland. But there is even a few unclear ones from Kihl, Värmland and Härnösand in Sweden.
Sundbloms Åland
Sundbloms Finland
In Swedish
Sundbloms Sweden
In Swedish
Föglö roots
Karl Göran Pettersson
Other roots
Elias Olofsson Grönberg
Born: Jun 1730 Vaasa, Finland
Help me with these!
These persons is now of special interest.
Born 1776 in Turinge, Nykvarn, Sweden
Who is his fathers and descendants?
Born 1904-01-24, died 1951-08-13
But where? Parents? Probably from Åland but not found there, yet.
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